What We Do

Proactive Technology Maintenance

"Set it and forget it" is a part of your assurance and part of our solution because we will include our specially designed ProTech agent on all computers and servers covered by our plan

Like a vehicle, your computer and network need preventative maintenance too! Our highly trained techs will evaluate your computer/network and design a custom maintenance plan specific for your enterprise. We will check for things like

• Malware
• Viruses
• Backup plan/Policy
• Network Connectivity
• Bandwidth
• Wiring issues
• Wireless RF coverage/interference
• Authentication Policies and Best Practices
• Patch management
• Software updates
And much much more!


We will diagnose as many issues as possible and prescribe a Proactive Technology Maintenance solution that meets your budget.

As a part of your solution, we will include our specially designed ProTech agent for all computers and workstation.  The ProTech agent installed on each workstation provides:

  • Hardware Monitoring: What is the system state of your RAM, Hard Drive and any peripheral devices?
  • Software Monitoring: What software is installed on the computer?  Are there any harmful or malicious programs that might be interfering with functionality?  We will be able to “blacklist” programs that might have caused issues in the past and as long as our protech agent is installed on the workstation, will prevent the installation of any unlicensed or malicious software whether intentional or unintentional.
  • Antivirus State: Does your computer have antivirus installed?  Is it on the latest build?  Is it updating regularly?  Or ProTech Agent can monitor and ensure your antivirus is doing what it’s supposed to do.
  • Remote Control: Who do you call when you have an issue with your word processor or Browser?  Our ProTech Agent allows you to call any of our trained staff and they will be able to remote control your computer and solve the problem quickly and efficiently.
  • Asset Management: Our Agent collects the inventory number, service tag, serial number, license keys from software, and performs a complete software and hardware inventory of your computer.
  • 24/7/365 Monitoring of all services and hardware states.

Our ProTech Basic Service includes:

  • Network/System Diagnosis: We will be onsite and collect as much data as we can regarding your network environment such as switches, routers, firewalls, gateways, Internet Service Provider info, and more.  We identify each computer and workstation that will be monitored, install the ProTech agent, and provide basic end-user training on how to contact Canyoon Horizon Staff for assistance or help.
  • Proactive Hardware Plan: Our highly qualified staff will assist you with technology refresh plans, provide network maps, and present detailed summary reports each month on the number of trouble tickets and other issues we have performed.  We will give advice on future hardware and software purchases that best meets the needs of your enterprise or organization.  We help with the “10,000 mile” view of your network and provide recommendations for moving forward within your budget.
  • ESET Antivirus Software: A Strong antivirus to provide top level malware and antivirus with regular updates for latest threats and trends.
  • 100 GB OffSite Storage: We use Intronis offsite backup solutions to backup critical data files that you would need as a part of a disaster recovery plan.



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We will work with you to ensure your technology systems are safe, reliable, and stable.